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Products Offered:

  1. Automotive Jump Starters (Range: 1000Amps to 6000Amps, Car Battery Booster Pack, Car Battery Charger, Auto Battery Booster): Our automotive jump starters provide reliable performance, ensuring you never have to worry about a dead battery again. Whether you need a car battery booster pack, charger, or auto battery booster, we have you covered with our diverse range of options. Our jump starters ensure reliable performance in any situation, providing peace of mind on the road.
  2. Portable Power Banks Battery Pack (Variants: 18W, 45W, 65W, 100W, 130W, 140W: Powerbank, Power Station, Camping Power Station, Laptop Battery Charger, Phone Charger, Super Fast Charger): Keep your devices charged and ready for action with our power packs. Whether you need a powerbank, power station, camping power station, laptop battery charger, phone charger, or super fast charger, our products deliver reliable power wherever you go. Choose from a range of watt options including 18W, 45W, 65W, 100W, 130W, and 140W to suit your charging needs.
  3. Outdoor WiFi Extenders Waterproof (Home Networking: WiFi Repeater, Signal Booster, Outdoor Network Extender): Extend your WiFi coverage outdoors with our outdoor WiFi extenders. Featuring WiFi repeaters, signal boosters, and outdoor network extenders, our products ensure seamless connectivity in your garden, business, or a coffee shop, allowing you & your customers to stay connected no matter where you are.
  4. Hair Trimmers and Clippers ( Foil Shaver, Zero Gapped Blade, Bald Head Shaver, Detailing Trimmer, Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers): Look your best with our range of hair trimmers and clippers. From zero gapped blades to bald head shavers, detailing trimmers, and beard trimmers, our products ensure precision grooming and styling for every occasion, helping you achieve the perfect look effortlessly.
  5. USB Charger Hub Multi Ports (Variants: 100W, 140W, 5/6 Ports: Charging Station, Multi-Port Charger, USB Hub): Simplify your charging setup with our USB charger hub multi ports. Suitable for Laptop, Tablet, iPad, Mobile Phone, iPhone etc, Whether you're looking for a charging station, multi-port charger, or USB hub, our products enable simultaneous charging of multiple devices for ultimate convenience, making it easier than ever to keep all your devices charged and ready to use. Available in variants with 100W or 140W power output and featuring four/six ports, ideal for home, office, or travel use.
  6. Car Dashcams (Keywords: Dashboard Camera, Car DVR Recorder, HD Dash Cam): Capture every moment on the road with our car dashcams. With features like high-definition recording, loop recording, and wide-angle lenses, our dash cams provide peace of mind and security while driving, ensuring that you always have a record of your journey.
  7. USB Car Chargers (Keywords: Fast Car Charger, Dual Port Car Charger, Quick Charge Car Adapter): Stay powered up on-the-go with our USB car chargers 45W to 120W. Featuring fast charging capabilities, dual ports, and quick charge adapters, our products keep your devices fully charged during your travels, making your journey more convenient and enjoyable.

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